From the Civilian Coordinator 

Just for our Civilians:

I want to thank everyone for all your help to make the Montpelier event such a success!

I am overwhelmed with all the help we have been getting with activities; I have found all I have to do is ask! 

We are blessed with a wonderful group of people in our Regiment who make things happen. 

We are going to do a couple of activities at Cedar Creek 

1)       On Saturday Morning, we are going to do a Coffee Chat, were we can get together and have “show and tell’.

If you have something you would like to share with the rest of the group: an original item, photo, even one off the internet or out of a book, just copy it to a black and white image so we can keep the area as PC or period correct as we can.    

2)       We will have another Iron Skillet cook off ……This time the secret ingredient will be Hardtack!

We need to give a special thank you to Hollie who will be making the hardtack for us! 

This contest is open to anyone who wants to participate in our Regiment. 

Please try to let me know if you are interested, We want to have enough hardtack on hand!   

***As a bonus hint, attached to this email is the recipe for the hardtack!  If you want, you take your recipe out for a trail run before you get to camp!   

I am looking forward to seeing each of you, if you have any questions feel free to call me 

434-983-5579 or email 

See you soon! 


Below is a vey cool link. It is an animated map of the Battle of Cedar Creek: 

More info on the Battle of Cedar Creek: