How to Join the 3rd Regiment


3rd Regiment

1st Division Army of Northern Virginia

 Reb & Yank

The 3rd Regiment is one of the original battalions in the 1st Division ANV, which was founded over 25 years ago.  The Regiment’s primary mission is to continue its tradition of offering historically accurate presentations to the public while honoring those southern and northern soldiers who sacrificed everything to defend their beliefs.


To continue supporting its mission, the 3rd Regiment constantly replenishes its ranks by encouraging spectators to become involved in Civil War reenacting by joining one of the many organizations that make up its membership.


The 3rd Regiment is comprised of many independent organizations, from Florida to Maine, representing actual Civil War regiments and companies that existed during the war and that participated in battle campaigns in the Eastern and Western war theatres.  Each of these organizations offers various activities on how to honor their ancestors they represent while providing educational programs to the general public.  The 3rd Regiment encourages you to visit with its member organizations to determine which one is based closest to your residence and best aligns with what you are looking for in the hobby.


To contact our member organizations please click the “Companies” button on the left side of our 3rd Regiment home page.  While most of our member organizations have their own websites, those that do not can still be contacted via email.  

In closing, the 3rd Regiment is a family oriented and safety conscious organization. We like to have fun in camp, but drill and fight hard in the field. As Civil War re-enactors, we do our best to portray our 1860’s ancestors. We continually work to improve our historical impression by honing our military skills in the field to make the experience rewarding for ourselves and spectators. In addition to fielding an average of 200 soldiers per event, we have a large and active civilian membership that works hard on many different impressions. We encourage you to come out and visit us when we are at an event near your home.  Please click on “Events” button on right side of our home page to find out when and where our next event will take place.