The Regimental Dispatch

3rd Regiment

July 15, 2015 Edition

Ladies and Gentlemen of 3rd Regiment,

It has been a very warm, humid, and stormy summer so far here in Central Virginia. I know it has been very lax as far as events and I can tell you that the Fall will be the same way. I hope as a Regiment we can put forth a good effort to put out good numbers at Montpelier. Keep in mind due to the Regiment wanting to give Cedar Creek a break this year, we will be having our annual Regimental Meeting at Montpelier.    

We will be discussing some issues at this meeting. I will be sure to postthe issues in another e-mail so everyone can see them. We will havea lot of new and interesting things going on at Montpelier this year. I am very excited about the event and all that is on the schedule.hope you will all make an effort to attend in good numbers. I know all too well that the latest developments concerning the Battle Flag and the attacks on our Heritage have been upsetting. Know that my own ancestors fought and shed blood following that same Battle Flag. We need to stick together during these times and stay strong. Don’t worry about reenacting or events just yet. When it is time to worry I, or your company commanders will let you know. I ask that you please be smart and do not believe every story and rumor you may hear. I believe you are all very smart people and I know yall know better than to play into some of the lies being told. Our “enemies” will tell you anything to get you angry. Be smarter than them.

     I think worst of all is hearing the negative comments being made concerning our flag and heritage by people we once knew and trusted. It’s painful to see former members of 3rd Regiment itself turn their backs on us and our flag. The day of reckoning will come…….. 



                               Upcoming Events 

Smaller events and other activities will be discussed later. IF you know of any events or would like to see the Regiment attend an event please let me know.

Aug 7th-9th Montpelier, Orange County, VA

No Registrations, Skirmish on Saturday & Sunday, Demonstrations, Talks and walking trails.

Sept. & October TBD


                                                January 29-31, 2016, Save the Date for the Battle of Charleston 2016. There will be a Timeline of History including all the wars.

More info coming soon!!


Friday August 7th:

                                                                          All day camp set up.

7:30pm              Officers and NCO' meeting that evening at HQ's

11:00pm            All Quiet in Camp 

Saturday August 8th

7:00am                        Reveille

9:30am                        Morning Parade

10:00am                      Company Drill

10:20am                     Battalion safety briefing (Steve and Joe) followed by battalion firing drill

Civilian activities all day in civilian area.  (Civilian area will under trees across the gravel road from Union camp) 

11:30am          “The Civil War at Montpelier” – Jayne Blair

1:30pm             Afternoon battle

3:30pm            “Tracing Ancestry of Enslaved People” – Sherry Williams

6:00pm             Officers and NCO’s meeting followed by Annual Regimental Business Meeting

7;15pm            Soldiers talent show and auction  (open to public)

8:30pm            Candle light tour for public. Four stations, - civilian, Federal camp, Confederate        camp, and artillery night fire.

11:00pm          All Quiet in Camp

 Sunday August 8th:

7:00am                        Reveille

9:00am                        Church Service

Anytime after 9:30am reenactors can go over and take the Mansion tour

1:00am          Demonstrating the "true size of a Civil War regiment" by Paul Stier

1:30pm            Afternoon battle

After battle reenactors can begin packing up.







  The DEADLINE for the insurance of April 1st has come and gone so please take notice that if your insurance has not been sent to Georgia your company will not be insured and will be removed from the insurance rosters of 3rd Regiment and ANV Division.

 Please fill out the forms under the Forms button and click the ANV button. There are two choices, you can either open it as a PDF or a Word document. Make sure to fill our the form completely and send to Georgia along with your check made out to First Division ANV to the below address. The insurance cost will be the same as last year:  $10 per adult, $5 per non-combatant child. Insurance money and list of events must be sent and ONLY SENT to:

Georgia Meadows at:

3006 Albany Ct.

Dale City, Va. 22193


If you have questions please do not hesitate to call her


                  Please check out the below web sites for more info on 150th events.


 As always keep an eye on the Regimental web site at: for updates, news, and event information.





3rd Regiment Staff for 2015:

The following gentlemen have been chosen to serve on 3rd Regiment Staff for the 2015 year:

Colonel Troy Fallin-Commanding

Lt. Colonel:  Scott Burnett-Right Wing Commander

Major: Bill Graham- Left Wing Commander

Captain T.J. Bartel-Adjutant

Chaplain:  Butch Pugh-Regimental Chaplain

1st Lt. Shannon Newton-Quartermaster

2nd Lt. Dave Cauffield- Assistant Surgeon

Sergeant-Major Greg Kelly

Sgt. Ronnie Stevens-Provost Sgt.

Sgt. Frank Grizzard-Aid De Camp

Capt. Tony Meadows-Engineer Officer

Sgt: Joseph Drobinski-Sr.Ordnance Sgt.

Sgt. Steve Blancard -Jr. Ordnance Sgt.