I hope you are enjoying your visit to the 3RD Regiment website.

    In the book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible, it states that there is a "Time for every purpose under heaven". Truly the souls that were our grandfather’s grandfathers have fulfilled their purpose and gone, but I believe that purpose was to serve both on the battlefield AND at home after the war. Just think on this, as there was no aid for what would later be called a ‘shell shocked’ veteran, no medication to ease the memories of living through a fratricidal horror he was not prepared for, no V.A. hospitals or psychiatrists. He merely had to go home and start over. For most southerners that was from the ground up, and for their Northern counterparts it still involved the loss of thousands of family and friends. No, the greatest challenge was to forget all that they had seen on either side, and start anew. In that purpose they were successful. You can tell that by the fact that we live in the greatest nation in the modern world. It did not get that way by itself. We are tempered as a nation by their steel, whether in their bayonets or their character as Americans.

    If you are a veteran re-enactor, chances are you see the purpose of all that we do in uniform, that purpose being to honor those brave folks of 145 years ago. If you are new to our endeavor, you will come to know this, and soon. It is often said that the man of today could not do what our ancestors did. That may be true, (though I hope it is not) because the soldier of 1861 had one constant, and the majority of them had it, and that was a belief in an all knowing, always present, and all powerful God.

    Even as civilians before the war, families brought their young up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Families of today are often not so blessed as to know Him personally. With all our modern conveniences our society has, in no small part, forgotten God. And now we are pressured from many sides to forget the family as well. I hope as you visit or participate in this seasons events, you come to see that the re-enactor’s purpose is a SACRED TRUST, and that is to remember for this day the sacrifices of those days. The war is over, hopefully never to return, but the sacrifice of so many Americans should never be forgotten.

    May you all honor them and God in the way you live your lives, trusting in the one who made you.


R.V. Pugh

3rd Reg.